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Happy New Year.

Tuesday, January 1
I woke up and realized that I missed New Year's. Then I went back to bed. I woke up because my roommate was knocking on the door. I had taken his keys, because I didn't bring my own. I took a cab back to the apartment.

I opened the door and went back to bed. I woke up again, and went to the bathroom. It wasn't number one or number two. Should it be named number three? My roommate was watching Gargoyles. He asked if I was okay. I think so. I took out my phone and realized I had text messaged people while under the influence. One of was to an ex, ex. That was about half an hour. One of which, I have no recollection.

A friend of mine talked to me this morning, and she said, you kept asking me if I liked in the ass. I apologized. She said, I repeated what you said, and then all these guys were following me afterwards.

I sent out a mass text message today, and apologized: Sorry if I had said or typed anything that was out of the ordinary, or even insulting. I'm sorry, it's been a rough year.

One of my old childhood friends and I have been text messaging one another today. We talked about how people seemed to becoming dumber. I told her that in 20 years we'd all be back to dragging our knuckles on the ground again. She said it was tough to be meet new people, and that she kept on meeting people that would talk about their intelligence.

I text messaged: "Dumb people talk about how smart they are. Smart people wished they were dumb. Ever see a retarded guy shoulder the weight of the world? No. He's too fucking occupied with clapping effectively.

That cost me ten cents.